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Episode 631: Baby Boy

Finally with a minute to sit down, Katherine grabbed her salad from the clinicís refrigerator, and with a stack of patient files under her other arm, she ducked into her office. She couldnít decide which felt better, kicking off her heels, crunching a mouthful of honest to goodness food, or digging into the paperwork sheíd fallen behind on.

Not that she wasnít grateful for the steady stream of patients. She loved her work; it felt good to help people onto the road to recovery. Plus, she wanted to be preoccupied, to do something constructive rather than needlessly worry over what that Lila person would do.

The thought of that volatile young woman prompted Katherine to drop her salad fork against the side of the plastic container and throw her face into her hands.

A moment later one of her nurses knocked at the door. Katherine was happy to push her problems aside and tend to a patient in the exam room. At least she had been happy about it until she saw her patient.

"What are you doing here?" Katherine demanded, keeping her voice as low as she possibly could. "This is my work place. You canít be here if youíre not legitimately ill."

"What if Iím sick with guilt?" Lila asked.

"You have nothing to feel guilty over."

"I slept with two men and now I donít know if my husband is my kidís dad."

"Exactly. You donít know and neither does anyone else, so nothing has to change," Katherine insisted, and silently prayed a little, too.

"But it has, I canít look Bowie in the eye, except of course when Iím endlessly comparing him and my son." Lila pulled a family photograph from her purse, her hand massively shaking as she offered it to Katherine to examine. "Iím so not impartial on this. I see what I want to see. What do you see? Does this look like a bio dad and his boy or not?"

Episode 632: Wide Awake

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