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Episode 630: You Oughta Know

His son grunted at him.

"Was that a yes?" Phillip frowned and crossed his arms. "Is the thought of taking a walk with your father so daunting that you canít even put together an intelligible word or two?"

"Fine," Sebastian muttered. He started forward only to stop, turn back, and kiss his live-in girlfriend in spectacular fashion.

After what seemed an eternity, the pair finally came up for air.

Phillip shook his head at Sebastian. "What was that? It was like you were kissing your sweetheart goodbye before youíre off to war."

His son simply shrugged, refused to make eye contact and brushed by Phillip right out the door of the bookstore. Avalon meanwhile arched a brow at Phillip as if to say, see, interacting with you is like combat for him.

Phillip actually liked and respected Avalon more than he liked and respected most people, but he frowned at her as he walked away and caught up with Sebastian.

They walked in silence through a nearby park. It was a crisp fall afternoon, though the weather wasnít anywhere near as chilling as the air around his beloved son. Several times Phillip opened his mouth to do as heíd intended on this visit - ream Sebastian out for sending Lila rather than Ava to work for Katherine - but the boy seemed so fidgety. Phillip couldnít help thinking Avalon was right, his own child feared him.

In business, Phillip liked to be feared. This appalled him. No. It couldnít be true. "Are you afraid of me?"

Sebastian stopped and stared at his shoes. "Iím afraid Ava will dump me because of something you do." Bas shook his head. "Because of something I did. I never should have-"

"Son." Phillip grabbed Sebastian by the shoulders. "Relax. Itís okay. Think about it. Really think. I wouldnít do anything to hurt you. You should know that."

Episode 631: Baby Boy

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