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Episode 629: Have A Heart

Avalon opened her mouth to say something to the preteen girl camped out on the floor with her legs crossed and her nose buried in a book. Ava thought better of it though. At least the store looked like it had one customer and besides, back in the day, she’d been that girl starving to read and unable to afford many books of her own.

Ava left the girl to it and moved on with her own stack of books. On the off chance someone would actually need her to cash something out, Ava set to work on the cash counter, with an old school pad of paper and a pen to make notes. She’d just skimmed through the first few pages of the first book when a familiar voice made her grimace.

"Good morning, Avalon."

As much as she’d like to ignore the man, he was her fiancé’s father and so Ava looked up. She didn’t smile, but was quite proud of herself for not frowning either.

"Mr. Marques."


"Mr. Marques."

After a moment, he gave up on staring her into submission and glanced at her books instead. "You know if you’re looking for information on how to run a business I’m a much better source than any book. I could give you advice on anything you need to know, like-"

"No, thank you."

"From the looks of things you could use all the free help you can get to keep this store afloat."

"Sebastian and I will figure it out." Ava wasn’t actually as sure of that as she sounded but she’d rather fail on her own terms than succeed on whatever manipulative terms Mr. Marques had in mind.

He frowned at her. "You know I’m not actually the villain you think I am. Yes, I exposed your boyfriend’s life on a magazine cover. But is it really the worst thing in the world that I chased such a potentially dangerous guy away from you?"

"I guess it depends on your perspective as to whether that was the worst thing in the world," Ava allowed, "but that," she nodded to the front of the store where Bas had just walked in and frozen. "It’s definitely one of the worst things in the world when a son is that jolted to see his father. Maybe you should focus less on what I need to fix around here and more on your own issues."

Episode 630: You Oughta Know

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