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Episode 628: Innocent?

After checking seeing that the boys had honestly gone to sleep, Bowie returned to the living room. He took a seat in the armchair.

Loose photographs covered the sofa cushions on either side of his wife, two drawers worth that Lila had apparently seen fit to spill in the short time he’d been gone from the room.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

Lila’s eyes flashed on him as if surprised she wasn’t alone and she’d been caught in the act of… something. "I, um, thought I would put together a family album."

That was his friend Ava’s idea of a good time. Not Lila’s. It was stranger. Stranger still, she’d barely looked at him since he came home from work. It worried him. He didn’t want to make too much it or of her poring over the photo of him and the boys trembling in her hands. He didn’t want to think Lila was trying to memorize Nate and Jesse’s faces because she planned to walk out on them and into the arms of some rich dude.

He wanted to think better of her.

"Is this about your job interview with Katherine Marques today?"

Lila blinked wildly.

"Is that why you’re suddenly into domestic hobbies? Are you trying to keep busy so we won’t have a conversation about your interview today? Are you embarrassed?" Please, Bowie prayed, let that be all there was to it. "Didn’t the interview go well? It’s okay. I’ve had plenty of bad job interviews, everyone has. You can talk to me. There’s nothing to be ashamed of."

"It was more than bad, Bo; it was the worse day ever."

Episode 629: Have A Heart

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