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Episode 622: Fallout

"Youíre sure I look okay?" Lila asked Sebastian over the phone.

Sheíd seen him an hour earlier, mid-morning when he stopped by to give her the most fantastic opportunity. Lila smoothed out her white skirt with her free hand and buttoned one more button of the pale pink cardigan over a similarly hued camisole. They were her clothes; she just didnít ordinarily wear them together. It was Basí idea to go more conservative than usual. "I donít want to mess this up."

"You wonít," Bas said, though his tone was more along the lines of youíd better not. "Just be respectful and flattering and-"

"I have to go, sheís coming." Lila shoved the phone into her purse and hurriedly stood, extending a hand to Mrs. Marques.

Mrs. Marques did not take Lilaís hand. "Whereís Avalon?"

"Sebastian thought I would be better at the job," Lila happily trilled.

Katherine Marques clearly disagreed. "On what planet would you be better than Avalon?" Worry filled the womanís eyes. "Tell me my son doesnít really think that."

Sebastian likely didnít think that. Still. "Ava isnít that great." Lila couldnít help but pout.

"Be careful how you speak of my future daughter-in-law. I think you should leave."

"Iím so, so sorry. I didnít mean to say anything bad about Ava." Not out loud to one of Avaís many adoring admirers. It wasnít even as if she still hated Ava anymore. There were just moments. "Itís just that I always lose out to Ava. I mean, at one point I thought I might be your future daughter-in-law."

"Thank heavens that never happened. Itís distressing enough that you seem to have your hooks in him now."

Lila narrowed her eyes and thrust out her chin at the nasty woman. "I donít have hooks in him. Heís my friend. And heíd be lucky to have me as more."

"Heíd be lucky to have a woman that didnít even know which man had fathered her child? Thank goodness, my son wasnít involved in that! One of those men wasnít even remotely fit to be a father. Youíre fortunate there was a mix up in the lab with the paternity tests and I decided to go with the better father for that child. Who knows who was really-" Katherine Marques clapped a hand over her mouth.

"What did you just say?"

Episode 623: My Life

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