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Episode 621: Forget About It

Sebastian turned his back on Ava. He twisted the tap and poured cold water into his empty soda bottle. He downed the entire thing before he faced Ava and that look again. It was a mix of confusion, disgust, anger, and concern for his mental well-being.

Sebastian couldnít blame her for feeling any of those things. "Just forget it," he told her. "Forget I said anything. It was just a thought."

"An insane thought," Ava supplied.

"Yes," Bas agreed, though his father did not. But wasnít his fatherís opinion what mattered most? He shook his head and made eye contact with Ava again. No. Ava was what mattered. She was what he stood to lose if he didnít abide by his fatherís wishes.

"You were good at being my motherís assistant though," he pushed. "You didnít hate it."

"I would hate being in that house, possibly crossing paths with your father everyday. I know you love him, so once in a while I can do it, but I wonít do it every day. He repulses me. He manipulates his children whenever the opportunity arises. Heís willing to do anything to have his way."

"Considering the guy walked out on you, do you think you should still hold a grudge on his behalf?" He sounded bitter. He felt it, too, even though he knew there was no reason to be jealous, his dad just had him feeling so cornered that he couldnít see straight.

"Why do you have such a problem with this lately?" Ava asked, with much more worry than anger. "Itís not a problem, Bas. Itís just who I am. I loved him and so I care that he was exploited. Even if I didnít love him I would care. Heís a vulnerable person and your father preyed on that. It bothers me. I donít think itís wrong to care."

Bas nodded. "I love that about you." So many times heíd screwed up and heíd hurt her and as much as sheíd tried, sheíd never disowned him. That was what mattered. That was so different from the world he grew up in, a world he would somehow find a way to keep from her, after heíd stupidly invited it close. "Forget the job with my mom, like I said, it was just a thought."

Episode 622: Fallout

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