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Episode 620: Didn't I Blow Your Mind

Aside from a couple regulars who always read but rarely bought books, the bookstore stood empty. Ava took a seat on one of the stools at the coffee bar. Her barista, of sorts, Sebastian, leaned against the wall on the other side of the bar, nursing a soda.

Every time she glanced over at Bas lately, he seemed to be lost in thought on a break. But it wasnít as if he really had anything else to do.

"Where is everyone?" Ava bemoaned.

"Enjoying the weather," Bas not so helpfully replied.

"This is exactly the kind of weather people read in. Thatís where the term beach reads comes from."

"That discount place is selling beach reads for forty-percent off, and then thereís ebooks."

Ava gaped at the man she loved for a moment. Why was he being so weirdly negative? Ordinarily Bas was her biggest cheerleader in everything.

Of course, there wasnít a whole lot to cheer. Business had steadily fallen off for a couple months. Bowie had been very honest with her when she bought the place - sales were steady, not blockbuster.

But steady was no longer the case as Sebastian had pointed out. Those who hadnít turned to electronic books, seemed to have turned to the store only a couple blocks away that sold all the biggest sellers at a cut-rate.

"Maybe we should give up this place," Sebastian suggested.

"And do what with ourselves?" He certainly hadnít offered up any idea prior to the bookstore. And she loved the bookstore, despite the current lull.

"I donít know." Sebastian took forever draining the last drops from the soda. "You could work for my mom again. She needs an assistant."

Avalon shook her head. "Are you crazy?"

"No. Itís just logical."

"Itís not logical at all."

Episode 621: Forget About It

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