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Episode 619: What's My Name

"How do you know about the garden party?" His boss, Quentin, asked, his face still friendly, though curious enough to make the man seated opposite his desk squirm.

Part of him just wanted to get the hell out of there, but the rest of him wanted to satisfy his bossí curiosity. He was tired. He was tired of living in the shadows. He knew that was probably where he belonged, but he was tired of having no one in his life. He liked his boss and the guyís kid. He liked having a job, it was something to do, something to contribute, some reason to exist.

He cleared his throat. "A girl I dated used to work as your mother-in-lawís assistant. She brought me to the party. It wasnít really my scene. It wasnít really hers either." He couldnít believe that idiot had been dragging her back into that lately. Couldnít he see that no matter who her mother may be that wasnít who she was? Wasnít the guy supposed to be in love with her? Wasnít he supposed to know these things?

"Are we talking about Avalon Lubin?" Quent asked.

He nodded.

"Sheís the one you had that sort of anniversary with? The one you were tempted to go see."

"Yeah." He scrubbed a hand over the lower half of his face and slumped lower in his chair. "We were supposed to get married on that day a few years ago. I didnít show up. I thought that was the best thing for her."

"So youíre that Xavier guy? That rock star who fell off the face of the planet." The realization appeared to trouble the boss.

"I know there are a lot of stories out there about me, but I promise you my work ethic is sound. I wouldnít have gotten to where I did in the music industry if I was a slacker. Iíll do a good job here."

"Iím not event thinking about that right now." Quent shook his head. "Iím thinking about my brother-in-law. Avaís engaged to him. My wife may not be on the best terms with him at the moment, but sheíd want me to look out for him. I canít employ a guy whoís planning to make a play for Sebastianís fiancťe."

"Thatís not what Iím doing," Xavier insisted. "I came back to the city to make sure Avaís doing okay. I donít want her to know Iím around, so I donít want anyone to know Iím around, okay. I donít want to mess up her life. I need you to keep my identity as private as you possibly can."

Episode 620: Didn't I Blow Your Mind

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