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Episode 616: Don't Get Your Back Up

"Adria, are you okay?" Avalon pressed a hand to Sebastianís sisterís arm, stilling the younger woman. "You seem to be, um, drinking a lot this afternoon, maybe you should eat something."

Addie shook her head, her long blonde hair flying through the air. "Iím fine." But she tripped over her own feet as she tried to walk away. Sebastian caught her just in time before her face would have gone splat into the lawn.

"I guess I will go get something to eat," Adria demurred and hiccupped. "And then Iíll have my next drink."

"Whatever gets you through the day," Sebastian called after his staggering baby sister. He was in an inebriated enough state of his own to consider it brilliant advice.

Ava clearly did not. She looked like a stern teacher. A beautiful stern teacher. But still, yeah, very stern. "Is that what youíre telling yourself, too? Whatever gets you through this? Honestly, I donít know why any of us are here, if you two need to be drunk to tolerate it."

"Tradition." Bas laughed and grabbed another adult beverage.

Avalon frowned at him. "I think youíve had enough and we should leave."

"Iím not an addict," he snapped. "That was your previous fiancť. I know you remember him."

Her stare was enough. She didnít need to say anything to him. He knew how royally heíd screwed up.

"Iím sorry," Bas said. "Youíre right." He kissed her; grateful her lips still seemed halfway interested after the uncalled for way heíd lashed out at her. "My dadís over there. Iíll let him know weíre leaving."

Mostly managing to walk in a straight line across the lawn, Sebastian reached his father just as Phillip Marques finished his conversation with a party guest.

"Son, Iím so glad we got this moment alone. We need to discuss your bookstore."

"No, we donít."

"Itís really a sinking ship in the internet age. Surely Avalon will see that if you point it out to her. You need to convince her to come back to work for your mother."

Heightened emotions added to heightened blood-alcohol levels did not mix well in that moment for Sebastian. He got right up in his fatherís face and said, "Youíre not blackmailing me again."

"Heís blackmailing you?" Ava asked, suddenly there, looking very concerned.

Episode 617: Perfect

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