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Episode 605: Home

The moment Tansyís dad walked in the door, she raced to greet him. She hadnít seen him all day. She missed him. Lots of kids in school had started complaining about their parents, saying how annoying they were and stuff. Tansy still loved hers. She liked being around them. Well, most of the time.

It hadnít been so great being around her mom for the last half hour or so. She had that pinched look. Her dad recognized it right away. After hugging Tansy back and ruffling her hair, he moved closer to her mom and took her hand. "Whatís wrong?"

"Nothing," she said, and turned to the cabinet where they kept the plates. "Iíll set the table. Thanks for picking up dinner, Quent." Her voice was very, very pinched at that last part.

Her dad looked at Tansy, silently asking her to help him solve the mystery. She hesitated since it was her speaking that had started it, but the more she thought it over, the more she remembered her dad usually made things better. That was one of the things that made him so easy to love. What kid wouldnít want to be around someone who made things better?

"I told Grandma we were going to have takeout burgers and fries for dinner. I only told her because I like eating them so much and I was excited, I didnít think there was anything wrong with it." It was right when her mom came to pick her up. "Grandma told mom she should make us a better dinner, not feed us junk."

Tansyís mom slammed the plates on the table and for a moment Tansy thought maybe she shouldnít have said anything, but then her dad said, "Iím with you Tans, I happen to love these burgers. Thereís nothing wrong with that."

Finally, her momís face relaxed and she smiled. "So how was your day, Quent?"

After Tansyís dad told them the super great news that the man from the shelter came into work, they settled down to dinner and dad asked about her momís day.

"Actually, itís really exciting," her mom said, though she looked like she wasnít sure if dad would think so, or even if she did. "I kind of was promoted today."

Tansyís dad rose from his chair and gave her mom a congratulatory hug. He told her he was proud of her and you could tell he meant it, but you could tell he was worried, too.

Episode 606: Here For The Party

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