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Episode 604: First Cut

Sebastian hated cooking. Slapping together a couple sandwiches for lunch wasnít really cooking, but close enough. He grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth not a butter knife in his hand. Culinary skills didnít come naturally to him. He wasnít good at it. Even his sandwiches tasted pretty awful.

But Ava was one of those itís the thought that counts types. She appreciated the effort more than the dollar value on things. He wished heíd appreciated that when heíd gone ring shopping, then he wouldnít be in this boat, dreading asking her what he had to ask her.

He didnít want to put this on her, heíd looked for a way out, but he hadnít found one. He didnít know who he hated more, his father, or himself for being sucked in again.

He plated the sandwiches and carried them into the living room, setting them on the coffee table. Avalon sat on the floor with several boxes. "Iíll eat with you in a second. I want to finish with this first, for Tansy."

Sebastian nodded. He took an uneasy seat on the sofa, though he was happy to have his nieceís charity drive buy him a few more minutes before he would have to breach the subject he didnít want to breach.

"Youíll have to take a look through the bag after we come home from the bookstore," Ava said, "make sure Iím including anything you want to keep." Her hands busily combed through one of the boxes. "You know, Tansy is such a sweetheart. Sheís almost enough to make me think procreating with a Marques wouldnít turn out so bad." There was a teasing note to Avaís voice, but seriousness in her brief glance at him.

She wanted to marry him, and have a family with him.

He didnít want to ruin it. His throat was dry as he said her name. She didnít hear him. He tried repeatedly.

Finally, she responded though she didnít look at him, she stared at the white dress in her hands. "I just realized today would have been our anniversary." Her face gave nothing away. Flat. "Once upon a time this was the dress I was going to marry Xavier in."

Sebastianís chest tightened, but it made it easier to ask her to do something difficult, given how damn difficult it was to be reminded that sheíd planned to marry another man.

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