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Episode 602: All In My Head

Justine finished what she’d been working on when her friend, but more importantly her boss had asked her to step into her office as soon as she got a minute.

She was Michael’s assistant. Logically it was like any other time Michael had called her in, there was some more work to be done. Nothing to worry over. Nothing to gulp lukewarm black coffee over.

But Justine couldn’t shake the feeling that it was something else. That she’d failed somehow. Maybe because she couldn’t forget her father’s insistence that going her own way wouldn’t get her anywhere. Or maybe because she hadn’t been staying late quite as often in an effort not only to alleviate her husband’s, and her own concerns that she was aiming to compete with her father.

She couldn’t shake the feeling that Michael would fire her, even when her boss smiled as she entered the room.

"Sit for a minute."

Justine did as requested, locking her trembling fingers atop her lap.

"So, I wanted to tell you how pleased I’ve been with all the work you’ve done here. It’s been a huge help to me."

There had to be a But. Which was fine. The garage was doing well enough. She didn’t need to work. She definitely didn’t need to rule the world to prove her worth.

"I was wondering if you’d like to be an even bigger help?" Michael asked. "There’s a client who’s been really impressed with how organized and efficient you are. He’s willing to become your first public relations client if you’re game to take on the responsibility. I trust you, Just, I know you can do this, and well, selfishly, taking even one client off my plate means more time with my sweet little girl, which I’d be eternally grateful for, but, if you’re not interested, it’s perfectly okay, nothing has to change."

Episode 603: Life Goes On

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