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Episode 600: Black Ice

Phillip nearly collided with his youngest daughter as he arrived home for the evening while she was on her way out. "Off to your night class?"

"Yep," Adria replied without raising her eyes to meet his. She simply finished shrugging into her coat and stepped towards the door, making it obvious that she had no desire to stop and chat with her father.

Phillip found it annoying, to say the least. "Wait just one minute," he demanded.

She turned, finally giving him a decent look at her face. She was as white as a sheet.

His eyes narrowed on her. He zeroed in on a reason she might blanch like that. It certainly wouldnít mark the first time one of his children had lied to him. "Are you certain youíre going to school?"

"I have a huge test tonight. It counts for a major part of my grade. I really need to go. I need to study a bit more before class."

Phillip grinned; satisfied, and pleased she was finally taking her education seriously. He kissed his daughterís cheek. It really was quite clammy. "Good luck."

"Iíll need it."

"Nonsense, thatís what all the studying is for."

"Right." Adria gave a stiff nod and walked out.

Phillip removed his shoes and hung up his coat, only to turn around and find his wife with her arms crossed and wearing an expression nowhere near as pleased as his own.

"That girl is under far too much pressure. If she keeps going the way sheís going her beautiful hair will start falling out in massive clumps."

"Youíre being melodramatic. Pressure is a good thing. It means she has goals and sheís determined to achieve them."

"If it doesnít kill her first. I want her away from her silly acting and on to a solid career path, too, but Phillip; you have her trying far too hard to please you."

"Katherine, donít worry." He reached out and rubbed her shoulders. "I know what Iím doing. Iím fixing everything."

"Where have I heard that before?"

Phillip frowned. "These things take time, look at Addie; sheís finally on the right path."

Episode 601: Gray Matter

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