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Episode 596: The One That got Away

Sarette’s jaw dropped. She froze at the foot of the stairs as the young woman stepped out of Calvin’s home. Cal followed her. He was dressed for the office, with a spectacular smile on his face. More than a pang of envy hit Sarette.

Their daughter smiled back at Cal. She touched his forearm. "Thank you, breakfast was nice. All my favorites."

Calvin had shared a meal with their little girl. He knew her favorites. Sarette wouldn’t know where to begin. She wrapped her arms around herself.

"I’m glad you liked it," Cal said.

Sarette couldn’t remember ever seeing Calvin so shy and unsure. It made her heart melt. She frowned, wanting that feeling to go away, as terrified of it as she was of whatever had compelled her to visit his home. Sarette cleared her throat to make her presence known, so she wouldn’t have to hear any more, feel she wasn’t a part of it.

Cal obviously had other ideas. He and Ava turned to Sarette. Ava gave her the minutest nod. Cal pressed on talking to their daughter as if Sarette wasn’t there. "Maybe breakfast could be a regular thing we do?"

"Um. I don’t know. Maybe."

"We’ll talk about it?"

After a moment, Avalon said, "yeah, okay, we can talk about it."

"Great." Calvin grinned. "Well, have a good day at the book store. Take care."

Ava nodded, then she turned, passing by Sarette, giving her another nod and nothing else. She did turn back to her biological father though. "You take care, too." It was an obvious warning - about Sarette!

When Avalon was gone, Sarette couldn’t help blurting, "So, you two are a team now? Is our daughter the one who convinced you not to take my calls? Have you reinforced that I’m some kind of villain? I did what I thought I needed to do, for all of us."

Cal scowled at her. "Neither Ava nor I have another family in the wings like you do. She’s got some rich kid I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw him. You should be happy for us getting closer, instead you’re jealous. What upsets you more, Sare, that I won’t let you have your husband and make eyes at me, too, or is it that maybe just maybe our daughter might someday love me and you’ll just be left wondering how good that feels."

Episode 597: As Long As You Love Me

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