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Episode 586: The Edge Of Glory

Avalon had spent much of the morning putting together their feast with her cat Shelby dozing contentedly near her feet. Sebastian had helped out, not that Ava really needed it, she liked cooking. It was just for the two of them, she had everything under control, but he’d figured if he didn’t keep busy he’d go crazy, or lose his nerve.

For several days, he’d told himself he was just waiting for the right moment. He put the ring in his pocket, sure the first snowfall of the year or the classics section of the bookstore would be the time and place, only to break out into a flop-sweat and decide that must not be the time or place.

Thanksgiving was his latest idea of perfect. There was nothing he was more thankful for than her.

"Does everything taste alright?" Ava asked mid-meal, or at least, she was mid-meal, Sebastian had barely started. "I won’t be offended if you don’t like it. It’s just that usually you do like my cooking; usually you’re already reaching for seconds. Do you feel okay?"

"I’m good, and dinner is really good," he insisted, shoveling some turkey into his mouth and forcing himself to swallow. He couldn’t taste anything except fear. He could barely hold his fork with his sweaty palm and trembling fingers. He was so afraid he’d ask her and she’d say no.

His entire life he’d gotten whatever he wanted, but with Ava, from minute one it had been tough sailing.

"I should have invited your sisters," she said. "This is a family day."

"I’m glad it’s just the two of us." He was nervous enough without an audience.

"You’re not glad, you’re barely eating. Something’s clearly wrong. Is it your parents? Do you miss them?" Ava frowned at herself. "It wasn’t fair of me to ask you to keep your father out of our lives. No matter what I may think… he is your father."

Guilt hammered him, but Bas shook it off. "All I want is you." All he wanted was to give her the very best. That wasn’t anything he should feel guilty over. He should feel good about it. He should just get on with it and ask her. She loved him. She’d say yes.

Episode 587: Inconsolable

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