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Episode 579: If You Leave

"Ill be fine. Its broad daylight. If you have somewhere to go, you dont need to worry about me." Ava frowned at Sebastian. Hed been hedging all morning. "Im not a child."

"I know, its just that the other night-"

"The other night nothing happened. Im fine. The guy was probably just lonely, wanting some human contact. He looked homeless." Hed made her think of Xavier. How hard it must have been for her one-time fiance to wander the streets when hed only been a kid.

The night theyd met, Xavier had worn a dark hood pulled up over head, too, and the posture, the way the tall man slouched in on himself was so reminiscent of the man shed once thought shed spend the rest of her life with. She supposed that explained her irrational lack of fear.

"I dont like the idea of any grungy guy seeking out contact with you. Promise me youll be careful if I go. If someone shady comes near the door, lock it."

"That wont be good for business," she teased, but Sebastian was obviously in no mood for it.

"I dont care about business. I care about you. Promise me."

"Okay, Ill promise you. If you promise me to have an actual life again beyond being my bodyguard." She loved that he loved her so much but she doubted this clinginess was healthy for their relationship, or for him.

"Guarding your body is my dream gig," Bas said and dropped a knee-weakening kiss on her. For the most part clinginess wasnt such a bad thing.

"Careful," he reminded her, before giving her hips one last squeeze and walking out the door. He said it so gravely that even though Avalon wasnt alone in the store, a shiver ran through her as her head bent over the computer and she heard the bell jingle above the door.

Episode 580: All I Have To Give

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