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Episode 576: True Colors

Adria vaguely heard footsteps gaining fast on her as she slipped into the ladies room and raced to the nearest stall. She dropped to her knees and emptied the contents of her stomach while two strong, gentle hands held back her long blonde hair.

She didn’t even have to look. She knew it was him. It seemed she couldn’t have a single undignified moment in her life without Ryley witnessing it. Yet he wouldn’t leave her alone.

He’d been that way from the moment they’d met, caring and devoted. The last thing you’d expect of a guy hitting on you in a bar. It wasn’t supposed to have lasted this long between them. She’d only wanted to get rid of her virginity. She hadn’t meant to see Ryley ever again, let alone to marry him.

Maybe it all went back to the virginity thing. Taking a girl’s virginity would mean something to a guy with honor.

Adria lifted her head. He was gone. But instantly back cooling her skin with wet paper towel. All she had to do was look into Ryley’s face to see her husband wasn’t by her side out of obligation; it was the purest love.

Obligation would have made much more sense to Adria. She never used to think about it, but now it was getting harder and harder for her to understand why he would love her.

She pushed away the hand that was dabbing at her brow. "You have a class to teach."

"I’m not going until you’re well enough to go with me." Ryley set down the paper towel and employed his fingers instead. And his eyes. Touching her face. "Please tell me you’re going to be okay."

"Don’t worry so much," she pleaded with him, unable to resist touching his face a little, too. "I’m not dying. Except from humiliation."

"You don’t have anything to be humiliated over. People have test anxiety all the time. And if there’s any issue in class over our relationship, I’ll set them straight."

"I don’t care what they think. I care what you think," her voice cracked and the tears flowed, "I don’t want you to know how stupid I am."

Episode 577: The Stranger

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