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Episode 573: You May Be Right

"Iíll be with you in a moment." Justine held up a finger while she finished typing the email with her other hand. Satisfied. Sent. "Yes." She looked up. "Oh."

"I came to take you to lunch." Justineís husband, Quentin, struggled to pretend he didnít notice how not thrilled she was to see him.

She loved him. She just didnít love his judgment. And she especially didnít want it at her still fairly new workplace. She needed to focus. Her father had taught her that to be the best you had to focus.

"I figured since Tansyís day camp has that talent night thing tonight, we should go to lunch instead."

Instead of what, she absently wondered. "I havenít been taking lunch," Justine said. Her eyes wandered back to the computer screen, scrolling through emails, dealing with them in order of importance.

Quent turned the screen away from her. He kept his hand there.

"What are you doing?" Justine hissed through her teeth, hoping Michael wouldnít emerge from her office at that moment; sheíd never be given as much responsibility as she needed if the boss caught her slacking off. Her father pink-slipped employees for daydreaming without a momentís hesitation. Justine had witnessed it first hand. She wouldnít expect anything less from a businesswoman as savvy as her friend. "You should respect that Iím at work, Quent."

"Iím asking you to lunch, the least you can do is look at me while I ask."

"Iím working; donít you think thatís a little more important than lunch?"

Justine slammed her fingers atop Quentinís. No might in the world would turn the monitor her way. "I wouldnít go to your work andÖ and lower some car off its jacks or whatever itís called."

"I hope you would if you found out Iíve been skipping lunch." Quentin frowned at her. "Thatís not healthy. What would you say if Tansy was skipping lunch? If she knew you were, she probably would. I donít want to see either one of you wasting away." His eyes held her with concern. "And itís even less healthy if you choose work over lunch with your husband on our anniversary."

Episode 574: Step By Step

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