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Episode 572: You Were Meant For Me

He saw her wobble.

She hadn’t expected to see him. She spent most of her days and nights longing to see him even as she told herself she should, it didn’t do anything other than leave her feeling sick inside.

And really being near him… it tempted her, it tortured her, it usually meant a night of tears. The last time, much to Adria’s surprise, her mother had hugged her. She’d told her if it was meant to be, no matter how rough the road, it will be.

It had been a very long time since Adria had felt as if she was meant for Ryley.

But he saw her wobble. And in an instant, he’d bridged the distance between them.

He cupped her elbow. He touched her hair. "Are you okay?"

Better with him. "No." She pulled her elbow free. Shook his hand from her hair. Brought her book bag around to her front, hugging it as tight as she longed to hug him.

The way he was just there, immediately by her side, the second she needed a hand felt meant to be. But they weren’t meant to be. Not yet. No matter how much she wanted to be with him, go back to their life together. She couldn’t do that to him.

"You need to leave." Her professor would be there any minute. The last thing her floundering grade needed was a domestic scene. "Please. My class is almost starting."

"I know." Ryley grinned. He had the best smile. She couldn’t help thinking so even when she didn’t see this as a smiling matter. "Your professor’s an old classmate of mine. Turns out now he needs his nights, and as you’re well aware, mine are free. So, it looks like you and I will be spending our nights together. Feel free to stay late after class."

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