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Episode 567: Hold Me Now

Paul waited behind the tree like a covert spy. Only when the car peeled away from the curb did he suck in a deep breath and force his feet back onto the sidewalk. It was a beautiful summer morning, the sun warm on his skin. He tried to focus on that rather than on his destination. His mission. If he thought too much he might fumble and labor and not appear the disinterested party he needed to be.

He was just there to make this delivery, hopefully to make two peopleís lives a little easier. The two people heíd let down big time. If only this once, he wanted to be the man he should have been instead of a boy afraid to grow up and take responsibility.

With another deep breath, he pressed the doorbell. It was only one small task, one he didnít expect to earn him gratitude or forgiveness, that wouldnít absolve him for having walked away, for leaving them completely alone in this, but it was the best he could offer at the moment to make up for all the things he hadnít done.

He pressed the bell again. He thought about setting Lambie down on the front step. It would certainly be easier for him. And it was a quiet neighborhood. Lambie would likely be there whenever they arrived home. What if she wasnít? What if something happened to her?

Paul shook his head. He must be losing his mind like Lucy, concerned over the wellbeing of an inanimate object, as if someone might try to lure Lambie away. She was just a stuffed toy. His babyís favorite.

He turned to leave deciding heíd return the first break he had in the day, keep Lambie close until he could be sure she landed in the rightful little fists.

The door creaked. "Oh, hey, sorry I kept you waiting," Michael Gable said, a baby wriggling in her arms. His baby. "Mornings can get pretty chaotic with a kid, you know?"

"I can imagine." Especially with Hope within armís reach. Paul tried to shove the thoughts away, to focus. "Um, Iím a friend of Lucy. She hasnít been able to get away and sheís been really broken up over this." That was certainly true in a way. "So I brought Lambie-"

"Thatís so great of you, Hopeís-" A ringing telephone interrupted as Paul waited on baited breath to hear something, to know something of his little girl. "I have to get that." She paused, studying him. "Would you mind coming in and holding her for a quick minute while I take care of this?"

Episode 568: With My Own Two Hands

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