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Episode 566: If Something Should Happen

"These are so yummy, Daddy," Quentin’s daughter, Tansy, said around a mouthful of syrup drenched pancake.

"I’m glad you like them." He leaned in and kissed her little cheek. He enjoyed cooking for Tans, even if it was just something as quick and simple as his grandfather’s pancake recipe.

For a while there, when Justine had walked through the world in a fog, Quentin had cooked nearly every meal for his daughter, that hadn’t been so great, feeling like a single dad, trying not to worry his kid while he himself worried endlessly over his wife’s mental wellbeing.

Things had been okay for a time, now lately, she’d swung in the opposite direction, wouldn’t allow him anywhere near the kitchen, determined to be this nineteen fifties style supermom that he’d tried like crazy to convince her he didn’t expect or need, she’d just twisted his words and intentions.

He must have finally gotten through to her though; she must finally understand that he hadn’t meant to repress her when he’d suggested she stop working for his garage.

It had been the most relaxed morning he’d had in a long time, the instant Justine asked him to fix breakfast for the little princess, he’d thought that had to be a good thing.

Or not.

"Why are you wearing that?" He frowned as his eyes followed her grey skirt suit over to the coffee maker, the mogul ensemble she sported whenever she got it in her head to compete with her father in the business world.

That scarily competitive itch had prompted Quent to put a stop to her involvement in the garage. He didn’t want her going to war with her father; she ended up hurt every damn time. But here she stood again, dressed for battle.

"Mom has a new job," Tansy said, like, duh, how can you not know that, I’m just the kid, and I know.

How could he not know that his wife had a new job? "Why didn’t you tell me?"

"I didn’t know if you’d approve my working with Michael Gable, or even working at all since you turned into a caveman."

"I’m not a caveman; you’ve been hearing me all wrong." He was a man concerned about his wife going to war again with her ruthless father, add in her going anywhere near Michael’s husband Curran, a guy who had already crushed Justine in business. So yeah, he was definitely concerned.

Episode 567: Hold Me Now

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