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Episode 564: Need You Know

How long was Addie going to stand there like that? Her back slumped against the inside of the front door, her face a flooded mess no matter how frequently she swiped at the tears with her sleeves.

Katherine shook her head and reached for her phone. The girl was a good actress, for all her mother knew thatís just what this wasĺan act.

Adria had fallen from her fatherís good graces for the moment, so perhaps she sought her motherís support. Much the way sheíd bamboozled Katherine with the wedding plans that hadnít turned out to be a wedding, but a play, with her parents footing the bill.

Katherine refused to be taken for another ride. She would not invest her heart in a relationship with her daughter only to discover it wasnít real.

Katherine scrolled through her emails, some important, none enough to stop her eyes from wandering to the door every other second. How long would her baby stand there weeping? She tried another email. It read like gibberish.

She looked to the door again. Then down. Adria had slid to the floor, her slender limbs in a heap, her sleeves working overtime yet still no match for the streams running down her cheeks.

Katherine set aside her phone. She nibbled her lips raw, watching her youngest daughter seemingly fall apart and making no effort to help put her back together again. She stood. Her fingers clutched the edge of the table. She ripped them away and started forward, not stopping until she crouched before Adria.

After a momentís hesitation and an eye roll from the part of her that still thought her daughter may be duping her, Katherine gathered her little girl in her arms. She hadnít done that nearly enough over the years. It was awkward at first. Sad. Then Adria snuggled into Katherine, and it was almost as if neither of them had ever been disappointed in the other.

Episode 565: The Call

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