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Episode 563: Questions

Katherine sat down to a very late, virtually silent dinner with her husband, Phillip. She had a difficult time talking to him lately. Every time she opened her mouth, she had an itch to scream at him.

She could not get past Phillip letting their youngest child back into their life before she’d proven her sincerity. If he hadn’t let Adria in, Katherine wouldn’t have had to push her away.

It had happened a couple months earlier. Nevertheless, it still haunted Katherine. Her baby, with tears streaming down her face. Her baby, seemingly in desperate need of comfort from her mom. And she’d pushed her away.

She hadn’t known whether it was real or not. Whether it was like Justine’s fake divorce or Adria’s fake wedding. Therefore, she’d pushed Adria away when what Katherine wanted most in the world was to be a good mom to her kids. Better late than never.

"I spoke with Sebastian today," her husband said, interrupting her hopeless thoughts as they finished dinner. "Actually, I saw him at the bookstore."

Sebastian was their one child who hadn’t yet deceived them. The one she might stand a shot of getting close to if she ever fully earned his forgiveness for her affair and Phillip didn’t break Bassie’s trust, too. "Ava wasn’t there, was she?"

"I made sure she was nowhere in sight before I went in," Phillip assured her, and then shook his head. "It looks like they’re doing a healthy enough business there, but I can’t see him happy selling books."

"He’s happy with her, that’s all that matters to him," Katherine said. Before she could insist Phillip leave well enough alone, his other potential disaster walked through the door.

"You’re late," Phillip barked at Adria. At least he was keeping a tight leash on the girl. That was something. "It’s a school night; you should have been in your room hours ago, hitting the books, not out hitting the dance clubs or whatever you were doing."

He rose from the table, and tossed down his napkin. "If you’re going to stay here, Adria, you need to take your schooling and your life seriously." He charged upstairs to work in his office, as though he didn’t see the tears streaming down their daughter’s face, tears that had clearly started long before Phillip had opened his mouth to chastise her.

Tears Katherine wished she didn’t see either.

Episode 564: Need You Know

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