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Episode 562: She Drives Me Crazy

Ryley thought he would feel better once he stopped staring at her photograph and saw her in the flesh. But she barely let his arms wrap around her and his lips touch hers before she pulled away from him.

"What are you doing here?" His wife, asked, her beautiful blue eyes clearly torn between their belief that they should run away from him, and their desire to look him over as intently as he looked her over.

Adria moved her books up in front of her chest, holding them there like a shield.

Ryley managed to smile. Her pulling away had hurt, but the eyes and the shield gave him hope. She still wanted him, didnít trust herself to look at him, or stand there without some physical barrier between them.

"I wanted to give you the divorce papers in person," he said.


He hated when she looked wounded, but in this case, it thrilled him. He knew she didnít want to end their marriage any more than he did. He grinned as he tore the papers in three.

"What are you doing?" Addie shook her head at him. "I had those drawn up for your sake, so you could feel free to move on and not wait." A sob ripped into her voice and clouded her eyes. "You shouldnít wait. Who knows how long it will take me to become the kind of accomplished woman you should be married to."

Ryley took her face in his hands. "Youíre already that person. Come away with me, Ad. We can go anywhere. Letís just go. Together."

"I canít. I canít do that to you. I need to get to class. I need to be better."

"Youíre perfect," he snapped, but softened, letting frustration lead him wasnít going to help anything. "Okay, fine, go to class, if you think thatís going to make you feel better. The semesterís probably a day or two from over, right? So then weíll have the whole summer, and weíll-"

"Iíll be in class. Iím going to summer school and youíre going to move on and if our paths cross againÖ" tears rained down, "maybe Iíll be more, enough by then."

"Youíre already everything!" He called after her as she hurried away, her eyes so wet and blurry she tripped over her own feet as she went.

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