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Episode 554: Elevation

"What is that supposed to mean?" Bowie asked. His lips hovered mere inches from Lilaís, yet too distracted to kiss her. Too troubled. "Ava didnít rob me of anything. Why would you say that?" Heíd thought Lila was mostly past her irrational jealousy of Avalon. Heíd thought they were in a good grown up place where the sun shone all the time and his taking her on a picnic wasnít something she considered beneath her.

Hell. They werenít back there again, were they?

"You donít need to get all defensive on her behalf, and punish me by withholding kisses." Lila shifted from his lap to a seat on her own. "I didnít say anything wrong. I was stating a fact. Offering to baby-sit is the very least Ava could do for us since she did steal our livelihood."

"Our livelihood is just fine." But Bowieís frown deepened. Their livelihood clearly wasnít fine by Lila. This all struck him as eerily similar to the bad old days, where nothing he could give her had been enough. The grass always greener. "Iím employed, Lila, and weíre finally debt free. We broke even on Ava buying the bookstore, while she has a bank loan to pay back, thatís nothing to envy."

"Isnít it? She has a business. Something with growth potential. We should get a loan like Bas and Ava did. Start something huge. Bigger than a bookstore will ever be, I mean, really thatís going the way of the dinosaurs anyway. Youíre right, we shouldnít envy them, we should become the people they envy." Lila finished with a broad smile at him. It fast slipped away. "Donít look at me like that, Bo."

"I canít help it." He was happy with things. He was providing for his family. He would not explore his options if those temporary job couldnít provide for them. "This is so much like the way you used to make me feel, Lila. Like Iím not enough."

"No!" Panic flashed in her eyes and she leapt back onto his lap, taking his face in her hands. "No. No. No. Thatís not what Iím saying at all."

Episode 555: The House That Built Me

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