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Episode 552: Rolling With the Deep

Lila’s frown deepened the moment she walked into the bookstore. Business did not seem to be doing gangbusters, any more than it had with Bowie in charge. However, it was steady. It had potential for greater things if Bowie had ever had the gumption to reach for them instead of throwing them away for something unsteady.

Fine, her husband had managed to keep the paychecks flowing in, but all of the jobs he took were temporary, "exploring his options" deals, which meant if he didn’t stay on anywhere, there was no potential to go up anymore, only sideways.

Lila had spent her entire life going sideways, if not lower. She was so tired. Why did Bowie have to have such an aversion to up?

"Hey, Lila? Anybody home?" Her friend, Sebastian asked, leaning over the coffee bar, and pulling her out of her frustrated thoughts enough to make her legs work and carry her over to a seat.

"Of all the bars in the world, she sits down at mine?" Bas smiled. It was probably wrong as a married woman that his smile still kinda did something for her. To be fair though, she couldn’t see how that smile wouldn’t do something for any breathing female. And she did prefer Bowie’s smile.

"Of all the bars, I figure yours might comp me a cup of coffee." Lila watched Sebastian fumble around, making a mess, looking like a man who hadn’t paid attention to whatever tutorial he’d been given. To Lila’s surprise, the steaming beverage he placed in front of her wasn’t undrinkable; still, "you belong on the other side of the bar." Like her, Bas’ work ethic wasn’t particularly dependable whereas her husband’s work ethic could really take him somewhere if he’d let it. "How do you stand it?"

"The coffee girl’s back next week."

"Then you’re still stuck in a bookstore when you could be on a beach somewhere tanning." A life she and Bowie might have someday if he’d ever really put that work ethic of his to use. Goodness knew her constant firings weren’t going to get them there. Why couldn’t he want to get them there as much as she did?

"I’ll admit I’d rather be on a beach," Sebastian said, "but Ava’s here."

Lila grudgingly nodded. Her friend’s theory was, as long as he had Ava, life was good enough. Lila felt the same way about Bowie. She really did. But it wasn’t easy.

Episode 553: Up On The Ridge

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