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Episode 551: Innocent One

Sarette slammed her purse down on the table as she slid onto the bench seat opposite Calvin. "You canít call and text me so much. What if my husband had picked up the phone, or my son, or the help?"

"The help," Cal sneered, "shouldnít be a worry to you. At this point, how can you question their loyalty? One of them helped you rob me of my daughter."

Sarette looked stricken and damn it to hell if he didnít want to apologize when he didnít owe her one. She had robbed him of his daughter, and now he was stuck playing catch up with Ava, trying to look after her the way a father should, afraid he was too late. "Donít you care about her?"

"Of course I do."

"Then answer your damn phone the first time I call, not the twentieth."

"I hadnít realized you were calling about Avalon." Saretteís eyes were apologetic, and beautiful, then distant. "I thought it was about us."

It could easily have been, despite everything, Cal still craved her company. He hated how sheíd kept herself scarce from him lately. He missed her. He had always missed her. Always thought his successes would have been so much sweeter with her by his side. But those things hadnít crossed his mind for this meeting. "Iím concerned about Ava."

"She doesnít want our concern," Sarette warned him. He knew it was the truth, Ava hadnít minced any words with him. Still, he couldnít let it go. Didnít think he should.

He told her about their daughterís business venture with her boyfriend. "Something about this isnít sitting right with me. I like the kid, I do, but I donít necessarily trust him."

"Anyone with eyes can see Sebastian loves her."

"I know. But you loved me and that didnít stop you from ripping my heart out."

Episode 552: Rolling With the Deep

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