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Episode 532: Wrong Turn

What’s my motivation? Adria asked herself. A widow, in like, the 1800’s wilderness. She needs to suck up her tears and survive. She needs to build a home of her own, ignore the ache inside her, the yearning to have him back again. But it’s there in her every step, her every movement. Winter is coming. But she can’t move faster. She can barely move at all.

"Adria! If I have to tell you to stop daydreaming on the job one more time, you’re out of here! Look at these sweaters, my two year old would have folded them better," her boss scolded.

"Yes, ma’am," Adria replied, taking one of the sweaters with more studied care. She hadn’t been daydreaming. She’d been creating a character. She missed that. She missed the stage. But what good had being on the stage done her? It had just resulted in one heartbreak after the next. At least here, it didn’t hurt when someone said she hadn’t done a good job.

She wasn’t a fashionista. This was just a paycheck to her. Not a dream. In fact, each day around lunchtime it was more like a nightmare. On cue, Ryley strolled into the shop, and Adria’s heart gave an involuntary kick.

It was funny in a completely torturous sense, how once upon a time he wouldn’t have at all been her type. Sure, she would have acknowledged he was handsome, there was no denying that, but she’d always gone for dark hair and eyes, yet somehow his light, occasionally freckled features had become it for her, all that she wanted, the only sight, the only thought that made her heart beat right out of her chest.

That’s why, when he laid beside her, she could only resist for so long. Why, when he stopped in to invite her to lunch every day, it was so tempting to go with him. But it would give him the wrong idea. Even worse than sleeping with him had.

Episode 533: A Mistake

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