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Episode 531: To Be A Lover

Lila shook her head as she stepped into Sebastian and Avaís place for the first time. It was nice enough, she supposed. Ava was one of those annoying types, incredibly skilled at homemaking. It was small, though. Major downsizing. Of course, their other house had actually belonged to Xavier. Lila didnít know how Sebastian had put up with living there for as long as he had.

Okay, she knew. She understood. You put up with a lot for love. You settle for less.

"I donít know where Sebastian is, he knew you two were coming for dinner," Ava said, as they all took a seat in the living room.

Lila opened her mouth. Bowie gave her hand a fierce squeeze. Unnecessarily so. Sheíd already realized on her own that she should bite her occasionally tart tongue. She was getting better at that. At least a little. She knew it would be nasty to suggest Bas wasnít coming home. To imply Ava was a perfect little bore, and Bas had finally wised up, realized she wasnít worth throwing away his fortune. Only Little Miss Perfect had been great to Lila through her wedding stress. Sheíd been a real friend when Lila had most needed one. It took a lot of the pleasure out of cutting her down to flawed human size.

Especially when Ava seemed shaky and tense.

"So," Ava said, "I was going to wait until I had Sebastianís hand to hold while I delivered the bad news, but I need to get it over with. Iím so sorry, I know you were hoping to do something else Bo, but I couldnít get a loan. I canít buy the bookstore."

"Itís okay, Av, donít feel bad," Bowie said, swallowing his disappointment, while Lila fought a broad grin. As much as she wanted Bo to be happy, the bookstore brought in a steady income, it did well, could potentially do even better, what if another job didnít work out for him? For them? Sheíd grown up in the poor house; she didnít want to spend the rest of her life there.

"Hey, sorry Iím late," Sebastian announced, rushing in and planting a kiss on Avalon. "I have good news. I went back to the bank, groveled for all Iím worth, and we got the loan."

"Lila sat there, stewed there, as the others celebrated, even Bas, the idiot, whoíd just helped Ava buy back a gift given to her by a former love, a guy she would have married. The idiot.

Episode 532: Wrong Turn

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