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Episode 526: You Want Me To

Ryley frowned. Every time he thought things couldnít get worse, she couldnít make less sense; she wrenched his heart a little more.

He rose up on his feet, slammed the door, and turned to her, emotion taking his voice all over the map. "I canít kiss you, but I can sleep with you. What the hell is that?"

He brought his mouth closer to hers; hoping to tempt her, convince her she was wrong. "You really think that little of yourself? All because of your parents. You honestly believe you donít deserve to be kissed. Youíre only worth a cheap night. Hell. Maybe I am to blame too." He was baiting her. Mostly. "I set the precedent for this. Thatís all your first time was."

"No," Adria said, looking and sounding horrified, more importantly reaching out, touching him. "Youíre not like that. Donít say such terrible things. You are the best man I know. It wasnít like that. Even when you didnít know my name, you loved me, you made me feel loved."

"Exactly! So let me-"

She backed away from him. He caught her hand. Held it tight.

"Why are we talking about this?" She demanded. "I didnít open the door for this. I shouldnít have opened the door. You need to go home, Ryley."

"Not without my wife."

She slammed her eyes shut. "You need to stop calling me that. Thinking of me as that."

"Never." Heíd never loved anyone as much as he loved her, and he never would. "You need me to call you my wife. You need me to tell you that youíre worth so much more than youíre giving yourself credit for. That I was a lucky man the night I met you."

Adriaís head bowed. "I need you to either leave, or sleep in here where I donít have to worry about you."

Okay. It wasnít an invitation to naked, but he had both feet in the door now, one step closer to taking her home.

Episode 527: Bed Of Roses

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