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Episode 523: Movin' Out

Lucy looked around the bedroom. She’d packed up everything. Yet it felt like she’d left something behind. She kept looking. Kept searching high and low.

In her heart, she knew exactly what was missing.

She took a deep breath, swiped at her eyes, and slung the last bag over her shoulder. Curran had already taken the others to her car.

Lucy made her way down the hall, one heavy step at a time. She found Curran and Michael standing together. The living room silent, except for the baby sounds from the bundle in Michael’s arms.

They were the cutest little noises. She was the cutest little baby. You just wanted to look at her, and hold her, and love her, forever. "Okay, so, I guess that’s it then, I’m leaving."

"You don’t have to," her baby’s parents said in unison.

Lucy gave a strained smile. "Yes I do." She couldn’t stay a moment longer. "Thank you though, for offering." It confirmed all the good things she thought about them. They got what they’d wanted; they didn’t have to care about her anymore. "Thank you for everything."

"No. Thank you." Michael wrapped Lucy in her free arm.

Lucy’s senses filled that sweet baby smell. She felt tiny fingers pat her hair. She pulled away.

"If you need anything," Curran said.

Michael nodded. "If you want to see her-"

"She’s yours." With that, Lucy walked out the door, no looking back, as much as she wanted one last look at that face.

She climbed into her car, and set off. She told herself it was all good. She was returning to her studies. Her baby would always be loved. But little more than a block away, she had to pull off to the side of the road. She couldn’t see for all her tears.

Episode 524: Got To Choose

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