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Episode Fifty-Two: If I Wanted To

It was a testament to their growing friendship that later on Sebastian didnít toss Taro from the moving car. "I canít believe she turned you down, IĎm so proud of her," He laughed. "Maybe we should try literature again, I think she was reading Walden, you could move into the woods and really impress her-"

Basí grip tightened on the wheel. "At least sheíd look if I were standing there naked."

Taro had already passed the hero worship phase that everyone seemed to experience with Bas and had moved to the more mature one-upmanship level. "Ava and I arenít about that, we have deep conversations, and man she really appreciated my opinion on Updike,"

Sebastian shook his head. "That never happened, Iíve been there every-"

"Uh, no, no you havenít," Taro said bending to change the radio station and hide a smile.

Bas shoved his hand away and turned off the music. "Leading a double life Taro?"

"I was at a book store, I reached up and this pearl covered wrist was grabbing for the same one, so we talked over coffee and-"

"I donít care." Sebastian stated, making an extra sharp turn.

"Do you honestly think that itís only a geek like me looking at her? I saw at least ten guys eyeing her at the bookstore, so if you want to do something more than play with her you had better make up your mind quick. But then, this was all just to teach her a lesson, right?" Taro smirked.

Episode Fifty-Three: Band of Gold

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