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Episode 517: The Promise

"I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt your day, I just thought I should do this in person," Avalon said, when the secretary who’d ushered her into her father’s office exited. The woman had said Mr. Baird was busy, and Ava had been willing to wait, only to find herself priority one the instant she’d stated her name.

"It’s no problem, I’m happy to see you." Wearing a wide grin, he rushed up out of his chair, and came around his desk. He moved in for a hug only to catch himself at the last second. She didn’t know whether she was relieved or not.

Calvin Baird, the dad she’d never known, fired up a lot of mixed emotions inside her. Even more reason just to say what she needed to say.

"Take a seat," he practically sang, "so, is this about a job?"

His eager eyes made it harder than she’d figured to insist for the last time that he cease the job offers, that she needed to do this on her own. She managed, though she wouldn’t soon forget the heartbreak in his eyes.

"At least one of my children knows what’s good for them," Phillip Marques said, as Sebastian took a seat across from his desk.

"Just and Ad are doing what they think is good for them," Bas replied.

His father bristled at the notion. "Well, their thinking has been impaired by those men of theirs, I thought Ryley-" He shook his head. "Enough about all that. Let’s talk about you and that girl of yours. Now Ava, I knew she was one sharp cookie from the instant I met her. I knew that she’d eventually realize the two of you continuing on at the company was the best choice for your future."

"Actually she couldn’t be more against that. She wants us to get by on our own." Bas still didn’t agree, but he’d promised he’d do this, deliver a final resounding no, whether he believed in it or not. He didn’t want to lose Ava over money. There wasn’t enough of money in the world to match her worth.

His father, though, as always, wasn’t one to go down without swinging. "What about what you want, son? Don’t you want to give her everything she deserves?"

Episode 518: Love Uncompromised

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