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Episode 516: Beyond The Sea

"The water’s great," Sebastian called to her, "you should come on in." He stood waist high in the water, his chest more golden than ever, dappled by hot sunshine. He ran a hand over his hair, slicking it back off his face, water dripping everywhere.

He looked like some sort of sea god. He looked like a fantasy. He looked so delicious it was nearly impossible to look away. But she had to, didn’t she?

It wasn’t right the way they were living. It wasn’t right to do nothing while everyone else actually worked for a living, did something everyday. She couldn’t do this anymore. The permanent vacation needed to end.

Easier said than done though. He was so hard to resist. Such a bad influence. Here she was wasting the day away on this secluded beach. This wasn’t remotely the productive day she’d set out to have. As least she’d managed to concentrate while he’d been swimming, but now the sea god walked up the beach, toweled off before her, and took a seat behind her, wrapping himself around her, showering the most tantalizing kisses on her neck and shoulders.

It took every ounce of willpower she had not to turn around in his arms and make an entire naked afternoon of it.

"Why don’t you put down that newspaper and pen and just enjoy?" Sebastian prodded, reaching to do just that for her, but she batted his hands away. It was the same argument they’d had for a while now. He thought his father and hers, owed her. She was too stubborn to collect. "The sin would be in answering one of those want-ads when you could and should just enjoy life."

"You know what the sin is, Bas?" She scooted forward. Away from him. "You’re sounding an awful lot like your old self these days."

A chill raced up his spine, enveloped his chest. Her actions, her words, scared the hell out of him. His old self had lost her.

Episode 517: The Promise

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