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Episode 515: Don't Speak

"Iím sorry, Lu, itís a madhouse, I couldnít find anyone to slow down long enough to-" He stopped short the moment he saw they werenít alone anymore. There was Curran Gable with an arm around his wifeís shoulders.

From her prone position in the hospital bed, Lucyís eyes trained on them like a hawk, specifically on the baby cradled Michaelís arms.

Their baby.

A little part of him, and a little part of Lu, he realized edging that much closer, grabbing a better glimpse of her scrunched dark pink face and light dusting of black hair. She peeked out from her yellow blanket, seemingly as interested in him, as he was in her.

Was that possible? Could she just instinctually know who he was to her? He shook his head. He didnít want to think about that. Didnít want to see her seeing him. Expecting things she had every right to expect but he wasnít ready to give, was he?

Yet he couldnít quite stop looking at her.

Curran didnít like it one bit. "Arenít you Paul Jordan?" He was sure heíd met this guy on the society circuit. He was sure there was something not so casual in the way he stared at the baby. Something more than noting her obvious adorability. "Are you-"

"Heís a friend," Lucy volunteered too quickly for Curranís liking.

"Iím sure you needed some support while we were gone," Curran said, "but weíre here for you now, and this really is a private time, just for family."

The young guy didnít move at first. Finally, he tore his eyes from the baby, patted Lucyís hand, and left the room. Curran followed him into the corridor and right up on Paulís heels, demanding, "Youíre the father, arenít you?"

Paul froze. Answer enough. "You made your choice months ago. Live with it," Curran hissed, "come near that child, encourage that girl to change her mind, do anything to rip that baby away from my wifeís arms and you will regret it."

Episode 516: Beyond The Sea

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