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Episode 513: Anything For My Baby

Lucy was so tired. Sheíd read everything there was to expect; still she hadnít expected to be this wiped out, not only physically, but also emotionally.

Labor had dragged her through the wringer for hours. Now she was justÖ alone.

Her eyelids were heavy, constantly drawn down like unleashed blinds, but there was no way the rest of her could sleep regardless of the exhaustion plaguing her bones.

The instant her ears picked up on movement in her room, her eyes flashed open as if they didnít weigh a ton and her heart rate reared out of control. She sprang off the pillow. "Is she- Oh, itís you." Her head slammed back onto the pillow and she stared up at the ceiling, fighting back a storm of tears.

Lucy felt him take a seat on the edge of her hospital bed. His hand stroked her cheek. "Iím sorry I didnít get here sooner. I came as soon as I got your message."

She turned her face from his. "I shouldnít have called you. You donít have to stay. I was just scared." She was still scared. There were far too many scary things for her weak state to make sense of; at least to make sense that didnít leave her even more on edge What had Curran been doing on the floor? Why hadnít he been sleeping with his wife? Were they having problems? Would her baby not have a solid home after all? And if she did, would she even be healthy enough to get there?

"Are you alright? I mean, were there any complications for you or anything? You donít have much color," he noted, his worried eyes all over her.

"Iím okay," the tears began choking her voice, "Itís her. Our baby. Thereís something wrong with her but nobodyís come back to tell me. They just took her and rushed out of here. And the Gables followed."

He nodded. "Iím not going anywhere."

Episode 514: A Ride Back Home

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