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Episode Fifty-One: A Girl Like You

"You two smell like an NBA locker room," Ava observed as she rang up Bas and Taroís cold sodas. They had been in a basketball tournament in the park well into the night.

"How would you know about that Avalon?" Sebastian leered as he handed over the money.

Taroís face was turning raspberry. "He did not mean that the way it sounded, I-"

"Yeah, I did, Iíve seen her hiding the Sports Illustrated-"

Ava leaned on the counter towards Bas. "The longer I know you the cleverer you become, it truly astounds."

"Iím a very creative guy;" Sebastian grinned, "In all areas." Taroís jaw had practically separated from the rest of his body and worse, Taro thought, was that Avalon didnít find it half as revolting as he did. He was pretty sure that neither of them heard him announce that he would wait in the car.

"Youíre so crude that you scared off your little sidekick," Ava said while preparing her counter for locking up. Bowieís parents had an itemized checklist.

"But I didnít scare you off," Bas commented coolly. "Taroís head over heals for you, he canít stand the idea of me sullying you," then he whispered. "I think heís holding out for a white wedding."

Ava scrunched up her face and pulled on her white cardigan sweater that she lived in on summer nights like these. "Arenít you a nice friend? You could stand to be a little more like him you know, a little more of a gentleman."

Bas nodded. "See, but we both know that you donít notice gentlemen, so, could I drive you home? Iíll put Taro in the backseat,"

Avalon buttoned her sweater slowly and then looked seriously up at him. "I donít think that would be a terrifically brilliant idea."

Sebastianís jaw clenched tightly. "Okay."

Episode Fifty-Two: If I Wanted To

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