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Episode 508: Hello

Lucy set down the book she’d bought in preparation for returning to school in the fall, and used the chair’s arms to pry herself to her feet.

The knock came again, louder. She slowly waddled her way to the door, missing the days when her movements were lithe and her ankles not swollen. She smiled though; pleased to think it would at least turn out okay.

Moving in had been such a smart thing, now she knew for sure, her baby would have a good home, a mom and dad who loved one another. She’d witnessed it repeatedly the past few months, been heartened by it, and by how ready, how eager they were to be parents. So much so that they often took time from their busy days to check on her and the baby, make sure they didn’t need anything in these final weeks. She would have found it suffocating, it weren’t so reassuring.

"Did you forget your keys?" Lucy asked, expecting to find Michael or Curran on the other side of the door, but they weren’t. Her mouth went bone dry. Her heart did that flip-floppy thing she didn’t want to feel.

"Wow, you’re really pregnant."

She blinked hard. Her fingers curled into fists, incensed. "You doubted me?" If he proceeded to question paternity, she’d damn well pop him one. Maybe she’d pop him one anyway. No. No. He wasn’t worth the bloody knuckles.

"I didn’t mean I thought you’d lied about it or anything," he defended. "I just hadn’t pictured…"

"I’m huge, I know, I don’t need you coming here to point it out."

"You’re beautiful." His eyes seemed to mean it. "Always have been, always will be."

"What are you doing here? How did you find me?" Lucy demanded, trying not to let his presence, his eyes, fluster her.

"I asked around. I’ve been thinking about you. Never stopped really."

"Well stop now. You can’t be here." Michael or Curran could show up any minute. She didn’t want them to worry, to think she might not go through with the adoption. She didn’t want to get any ideas about that either.

Episode 509: Talk To Me

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