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Episode 505: Take A Bow

Ryley watched her every move with even more awe than Adria usually inspired. When shed started acting out the play right there in her dressing room, reciting lines with her whole heart invested, only to have her parents walk out, no one would have thought any worse of her if shed collapsed in a heap from an emotional wallop of that magnitude.

But she hadnt allowed a single tear to drop. Shed just lifted her chin as if to say the show must go on.

"Shes doing so great up there," her sister whispered.

He nodded, though as much as he marveled at her show of strength, apprehension continued to tie his insides in knots, wondering how shed cope once the curtain fell, once she could no longer hide inside a script, forced to face her real life.

She was one of the best actresses hed ever seen, and hed never been more grateful for her immense talent. Ryley thought shed gone so deep under that for the time being she was as safe there as if she were in his arms. He was wrong.

Near the end of the play, the biggest emotional scene, her character left at the altar, she stepped out onto the stage all alone, and took his breath his away. As beautiful as shed appeared to him in the wedding dress in the previous scene, she looked even more beautiful now. Heartbreakingly so. Hed never mistake the sight of the woman he loved in a wedding dress; he knew that was the real Adria.

Shed lost her grip on the character, her life preserver. She tried to fight it. Tried to hold on. Within seconds, she was drowning under the weight of her emotion, her tears. The audience fell silent, confused as to whether they were witnessing fact or fiction.

Her siblings wanted to go to her. Ryley stopped them, went to her instead, kissed her hands, and dropped on bended knee before her.

Episode 506: Don't Cry

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