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Episode 503: Into The Fire

Adria clung to her fiance’s hand. Her parents weren’t supposed to show up yet. She’d given them a late arrival time to ensure they’d walk in when she was already on stage. When they’d finally catch their youngest daughter in her element and be dazzled, be proud.

"What’s going on here?" Her father demanded.

"Y-you’re early?" Addie replied in a trembling voice, her knees wobbling as she stood, trying to stall, to think up some explanation to keep her parents from storming out too soon. But her heart thumped too loudly for her to think quick.

"I hadn’t played as big a role in arranging everything as a mother-of-the-bride should," her mom said, her expression brittle. "It was important to me to be here to go through all the pre-wedding rituals with you, brush my baby’s hair one last time before she completely outgrows me."

Adria stared at her mom. She’d spent months and months planning for this day and never anticipated this. Even after her mom’s emotional appearance at the final dress fitting, Adria hadn’t thought her interest would continue, that with all the patients in the world to cure, she’d rather take sentimental time out to brush her baby’s hair. Katherine Marques had hardly ever taken those time outs for her when Adria had been an actual baby.

"We always thought it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride, not the parents, yet there was a veritable wall of people out front telling us not to disturb you," her dad said, his tone unbearably hard. "Of course, once we came back here, it began to add up."

"There’s a lot of behind the scenes hustle and bustle with a wedding," Ryley valiantly tried; bless him, as if she didn’t already love him more than was probably healthy.

Episode 504: Upside Down

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