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Episode 498: Sad Eyes

"Oh, hell," Ryley mutted under his breath the moment he stepped into their apartment. The bag dropped from his hand without any car for the laptop inside. He didn’t bother with his shoes or coat, just went to her on the sofa, and pulled her into his body. This was it. The reason dread had steadily built inside him, weighing on him for so long like an elephant standing on his chest. His worst fear realized. His heart shattering for the woman he loved. For all the disappointment and hurt, she had to be feeling.

Maybe she’d brought this on herself, maybe she should have listened to him the thousands of times he’d warned her, tried to talk her out of this crazy scheme, but he couldn’t say I told you so, couldn’t feel anything except the pain he longed to heal in her. All that mattered was holding her, loving her, letting her know she wasn’t as alone as her parents’ abandonment implied.

Her head lifted, eyes wet, wretched, murder on the knots already so tight inside Ryley. His lips caught the teardrop winding down her left cheek.

"I went for the fitting today," she said in a rough voice. "You’re colleague’s sister is so generous. The gown she’s donating to the production, it’s incredible. A big part of me would have stolen it for our own wedding, but there’s not enough time before the opening to find something as right for the play." Her fingers feathered along his jaw. "The dress is pivotal. I can’t thank you enough for solving that problem for me."

Ryley shrugged off her praise. He’d do anything for her. He’d bought the dress to show her that. Part of his plan to soften the blow when it came. He hadn’t expected it this soon. "So what happened? How did your parents find out?" His forehead fell against hers; his hand touched her cheek, his heart twisted in his chest like a dagger. Wishing he’d been there for her. To hold her hand. To tell her parents to go to hell. The most fitting place for anyone who would hurt her like this.

"Why would you think they knew?"

Ryley felt relieved and yet not. "Why are crying?"

Adria told about her mom catching her in the boutique, about how she’d let her mom think it had been her real wedding gown fitting, about how emotional it had been, about how much it meant to her that her mom wanted to be there. She just couldn’t help getting weepy all over again when she thought of her mother looking at her with the same pride, the same loving support in her eyes as she’d shown her that day.

Yep, definitely not relieved.

Episode 499: Love Like This

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