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Episode 492: People Watching

Someone had left the front door ajar. About to knock, Lucy instead flattened her palm against the doorjamb, sliding her other hand over her slight bump as if she could protect the baby from the dread flowing through her. Just when she’d almost felt good about this. Or at least as good as she possibly could about the hardest, saddest choice, she’d ever make in her life.

One glimpse into their living room and the boxes, the silent tension cut into her like the sharpest knife.

"Is everything okay?" She asked, her voice little more than a broken whisper.

"Lucy," they said, turning to her in unanimous surprise.

They hadn’t expected to see her again for another few days. Feeling the baby kick, she’d used the address they’d provided her thinking that was the sort of moment that should be shared with prospective parents.

Though how prospective could she consider them now?

"Is someone moving out?" Tears rushed into Lucy’s eyes, and a sob lodged in her throat. They’d seemed like such a solid, loving couple, so eager to make a family with her baby. What if the next couple were wrong too? What if she ruined her baby’s life?

"Oh, um, no, no, of course not," the wife hurried. "We’re just rearranging things to make room for the baby."

"And having slight disagreements over what belongs where," the husband added. "Nothing to worry about."

Lucy’s nerves still weren’t entirely sure.

Episode 493: Path Of Thorns

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