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Episode 491: Coming Home

Curran carried the last of his boxes into their home. Michael tried to concentrate on the smug look of triumph in his expression, something she could detest, rather than focus on the rock solid arms she appreciated only too well.

She gave her head a vigorous shake. She wasn’t the pregnant one. She shouldn’t be craving anything. Especially not him. Her should-be ex. "Your things will be moving back into our bedroom, but you’re not."

They may need to put on a show for Lucy’s visit in a few days, however, nothing needed to change when they were alone.

After setting the box on the living room floor, Curran gave an untroubled, irritatingly arrogant shrug. "We nearly shared a bed at Christmas. It won’t be long."

"Try never," Michael replied, thankfully with more confidence than the instant recall of that nearly moment at Christmas made her feel. "Your spot on that sofa is only guaranteed for as long as I need you to make this adoption happen."

"I won’t be abandoning my family."

"Your family?" Michael scoffed, though part of her felt like crying, the part of her that had wanted nothing more than to have a family with this man.

"Family is generally how one refers to their wife and child. There are no more important people in the world to me than you and our baby."

She pulled away from his touch. "You have a funny way of treating your precious family." Actually, it was the extreme opposite of funny. "You cheated on your wife, and I had to practically beg you for a baby. Now I’m supposed to believe you’re suddenly Mr. Devoted Family Man."

Episode 492: People Watching

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