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Episode 480: Ready To Run

Bowie crouched to ensure his two beaming best men were still snug and warm in their morning coats and scarves straight out of Dickens, an almost identical match for his own groom attire. Satisfied, he returned to full height once more, to waiting, he checked his watch again.

His bride was late. He would not panic. He would not think the worst, think what their small gathering had to be thinking, that it was happening again, that even though their wedding had finally gotten this far, as usual, it still would go the whole way.

His chest tightened. He closed his eyes. He would not think the worst. No. No. No. Bowie felt a hard tug on his sleeve.

"Dad, it’s starting," Jesse said.

Ava hurried to take her place as maid of honor, though Bowie barely saw his best friend, barely felt her hand squeeze his. Their wedding song had started, Lila stood at the top of the aisle bathed in winter sunshine. Her white lace body-skimming gown peeked out from the silk cape she wore, the hood trimmed with faux white fur. Twirled tendrils of red hair framed her face, her lips painted a glossy cranberry color, her cheeks rosy from the cold hair, and excitement.

She was so beautiful. The one for him. Ever since they’d met as kids. He’d waited so long for this day, to say these vows. Though he supposed in his heart he’d taken them that very first day. The numerous times they’d broken up over the years, when he’d truly tried to love someone who was easier, less inclined to smash his insides, he couldn’t.

Part of him, okay, possibly too much of him, no matter how she hurt him, would forever belong to her.

Finally, after years of longing and pain, she was going to stand up here beside him and make that same commitment. Yet she stood there. Frozen. One shoe pointed up the aisle. The other turned.

Episode 481: When I Think Of You

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