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Episode 478: My Saving Grace

A girlís night on the eve of Lilaís big day. Avalon wouldnít believe it if she wasnít in this hotel suite living it. As the maid of honor. Just her and Lila. Together. This was so weird. Almost as weird as having a brother yet not really having a brother. Being too much of a stranger for him to confide in her. Part of her had wanted to say Iím your half sister, you can trust me, you can talk to me, but she wasnít sure if she was ready and her birth mother probably never would be. Sarette Jordan traveled in the same circles as Sebastianís parents, circles where image seemed to matter more than any-

"Earth to Ava," Lila said, tapping her talons on the coffee table. "So, I narrowed tomorrowís make-up down to these two look. Which do you think would work best?"

Avalon studied the two glossy magazine photos, and then pointed to the one on the left.

"The right one, it is." Lila had employed that same insulting method for their room service choices, not to mention all of her last minute bridal decisions throughout the excruciatingly long night.

"Why am I even here?" Ava asked not only Lila, but herself. "Weíve had the occasional moment over the years where youíve managed to be civil to me. But clearly, you donít consider me a friend. As far as I can tell, the only person other than Bowie who qualifies for that role, is Sebastian. You should have asked him to be here."

Lila made an extreme scoffing noise. "Yep, Sebastian alone with me in a hotel suite. Brilliant plan, Ava."

"Heís not like that anymore," Avalon growled, and pushed to her feet. That was it. More than enough Lila for one night. She turned to march to the door. A hand grabbed her elbow, and roughly turned her back around.

Tears shone in Lilaís eyes. "What if Iím still like that? I donít want to be, but what if I am? One more night." She sobbed. "Weíre so close. I only have one more night to not totally mess it all up. Boís parents think theyíre doing something so lovely by putting me up here for the night so I can prep without the boys underfoot and the groom seeing me. Do you know how much trouble I could get into at a place with rich men roaming everywhere? I love him so much, Ava, I know it hasnít always looked that way, Iíve screwed up so many times, but truly, I do love him. Iím sorry. I should have been nicer to you; itís a hard habit to break. Please donít leave me alone. Please, donít let me screw this up."

"You wonít," Ava promised, giving Lilaís hands an encouraging squeeze, moved by the other womanís for once sincere emotion. And more than happy to have someone to give all the support that she couldnít give to her sort of brother.

Episode 479: Keep The Faith

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