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Episode 475: Don't Turn Around

Michael finished applying her lip-gloss, flipped her hair several times and checked out her reflection in the mirror. The woman in the chic black cocktail dress looked ready. Whether she felt ready was another story.

She should feel excited about taking this step. Starting her new life. Maybe finding everything she wanted. No longer just a successful career. But a good man. A faithful man. A man to have a family with.

Michael forced a smile at the woman in the mirror, and then slipped into a sexy pair of heels, telling herself the excitement would hit her once she met him at the restaurant, once he pulled out her chair, once they got to know one another.

Michael locked the front door. She took a deep breath. So not feeling ready to go. But she had to do this. Had to get on with her life. She turned to leave. And froze. Of course. He had to make this even harder. He had to bring her favorite flowers and her favorite face and her favorite body.

"This isn’t a good time," she said and forced her feet to start moving.

Curran caught her elbow. She felt his hand everywhere. "It’s never a good time," he said. "You never have the time to answer my calls. To open the damn door."

"That should tell you something." She tried to wrest her arm from his grasp. "Let go."

"I can’t." He moved closer, his breath touching her lips. "I won’t. We’re good together. We’re supposed to be together. We’re-"

"I’m going to be late for my date." Michael yanked away from him with all the strength in her mind and body.

"You can’t go on a date," he calmly argued. Far more calmly than she would’ve expected from a man who’d tortured her at every turn the last few months with his pledges of undying love. "You’re having a baby with me."

Her mouth gaped. "We’re not having a baby. It’s impossible." Impossible that they’d raise a child together. The thought shouldn’t still burn her heart, strain her voice, but there it was. "How could you be cruel enough to say that, to offer it as a possibility? You broke our wedding vows. We’re not together anymore. And even if we were, we tried, we couldn’t-"

"We can. We are. These are to celebrate." He waved the bouquet. "In six short months, we’ll have a baby."

"Have you lost your mind?" Her voice choked up. Seriously, this was supposed to win her back? This wasn’t supposed to break her heart all over again. "I’m not pregnant."

"No. But someone else is."

Lila, maybe. Or some other affair he’d casually conducted on the side while their serious relationship hadn’t managed to conceive. But she could have his child anyway, right? She hauled off and slapped him.

Episode 476: Uninvited

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