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Episode 466: Popsicle

"Back where we started," Sebastian echoed, a smile bursting out at the memory. Avaís relieved smile beamed right back at him as she snuggled into his side, leaning with him on the grocery cart in the middle of the empty aisle. "That would be me, drooling at first sight. You were, and remain the most beautiful girl Iíve ever seen. I was a goner the minute I walked into that store for a soda. What did you think of me at first sight?"

She laughed. "Iím pretty sure you recall that I thought you were an obnoxious, way too entitled, albeit obscenely handsome rich boy and I wanted nothing to do with you."

"You were cruel," he chuckled, though at the time it had hardly been funny, her refusals had frustrated the hell out of him. "You didnít let on about the obscenely handsome bit for a very long time. I kept wondering if you were immune to my charms."

"You definitely didnít play it that way. You persistently sold the idea like you were godís gift to me or something." She playfully stabbed at his shoulder. "You were impossible."

"You werenít any picnic yourself," Sebastian reminded her. "You looked at me like I might be an axe murderer when I offered you a ride. You nearly opted to let those popsicles melt when they were the only thing your mom could eat." Damn. "Iím sorry. We were doing well for five minutes and I bring up-"

"Itís okay. You know those popsicles werenít the only thing melting that day. It was then, and again on that New Yearís when you drove me home to my mom, you stayed with me, for once you werenít playing games. That was when you started to finally feel at least a little bitÖ real."

"And kissable," he grinned.

"Very kissable," she agreed and proceeded to demonstrate right there in the aisle. Their first kiss in a long time that hadnít felt fraught with what theyíd endured in the past. More like renewed by it.

Episode 467: Never Let You Go

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