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Episode 465: Where Life Begins

Ava wasnít sure what accepting the keys to her birth motherís beach house would mean for their relationship, for now she was strictly focused on a new start with Sebastian.

She loved him. She wanted them to work. She wanted to get past all the baggage of their past and settle into a future with him.

A few miles from their destination, they stopped at a market to stock up on food. Sebastian pushed the cart. Ava tossed in item after item. Enough for more than a weeksí stay. Best to be optimistic.

Too bad Sebastian hadnít received the memo. While they strolled along the cereal aisle, he looked glum and faraway. At last, as Ava added a noticeably large box of cornflakes to the cart, so large he couldnít help seeing it, registering how many quick and easy naked breakfasts in bed that would provide, Sebastian said, "my parents are in some kind of fight again. Sheís cheating on him. Heís ignoring her. One of those. Or both. I donít know."

"Iím sorry," Ava replied, rubbing a hand on his shoulder.

He shook his head at her. "Maybe Iím the one who should be saying Iím sorry to you. This is how my family operates. We make the same mistakes over and over. And here you are trying so hard to be with me. Maybe I should be discouraging you."

"You and I arenít making the same mistakes over and over. Yes, weíve been mean to each other in the past, sometimes even purposely so. But thatís not where we are now. We are not repeating any of our ugly history. Weíre trying to rewrite it. And what better place to do that than right back where we started, at a supermarket. Right?" Avalon held her breath, waiting for his answer, waiting for their life to begin again.

Episode 466: Popsicle

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