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Episode 463: Something to Believe In

A blistering day brought thoughts of barbecues, ice-cold lemonade and working on a tan. And, for many, it seemed, hours baking in the sun went hand in hand with a book. Vampire love. The most famous of boy wizards. Earnest lawyers in peril.

Throughout the morning and afternoon, Bowie had rung up every kind of romantic fantasy or grand adventure imaginable. The store was doing better than ever, and finally with a lull between customers, Bowie had some time to jot down ideas for displays and promotions based on the day’s sale patterns that would boost the store’s bottomline even more. Yet he wrote with a steady, clearly legible hand, no burst of excitement, no burning need to lightning fast purge his thoughts on paper. He liked books well enough, especially reading them with his boys.

His friend Avalon, now she loved books, she always carried at least one in her bag at all times. She had a passion for this. For him, this was just a job, a way to keep his kids clothed and fed. He never really felt any joy in it. Except when his fiancee and their boys walked in the door.

"Hey, how was the park?" Bowie asked, ruffling each of his sons’ hair before planting a kiss on Lila, leaving his arm possessively wrapped around her waist.

"Ducks!" Bowie’s youngest, Nate, said with his usual enthusiasm for anything furry or feathered.

"There’s this pond mom really, really liked," Jesse noted. "You have to marry her there, Dad."

"Does your mom want to get married there?" Bowie asked. Sometimes he thought their oldest wanted them wed even more than he did. Poor kid. He’d endured all their on-again, off-agains with them.

"It’s really beautiful," Lila declared, her eyes sparkling. "Apparently it’s super popular, the vacancy won’t last long, but I told her I wanted to talk it over with you first."

Bowie’s grin spread so wide it hurt in the best way. His job may not bring him joy, but a Lila who actually considered him before diving in? Down to his marrow, he genuinely believed their marriage would happen this time. The dream he’d been chasing since his early teens.

Episode 464: Escape

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