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Episode 462: Watched You Fall

Much to Phillip’s chagrin, he pulled out of his private parking spot before the day was even half over. Apparently, unlike him, most of the country took this whole holiday thing quite literally.

He’d prefer to keep busy, but he’d already accomplished much of what he could at the office with so little outside co-operation. Well, there were some projects in the pipeline, very rough ideas he could have spent hours fleshing out, but he wasn’t in the mood to look into them at the moment.

They were ideas he and Justine had come up with together, things he thought they’d bring to fruition side by side. But that wasn’t to be. And for the time being he wanted them, and his oldest daughter banished from his mind.

Yet he turned left, rather than right, he drove to the far side of the city to a shabby little neighborhood, with small homes in need of rejuvenation, and ancient cars lining the boulevard.

Voices of children laughing and playing carried on the air along with the taste of barbecue, every yard bustling with activity and family. Including Justine’s.

Phillip sat acrss the street in his car, for some time, watching his daughter, envying Quentin and his family’s time with her and his granddaughter, his insides twisting when he noticed that Justine’s smile didn’t quite reach her eyes.

His heart went out to her, his hand clutched the door handle, tempted to go to her.

But she’d gone behind his back. Lied and schemed. She’d once again thrown away her potential in favor of a life so much more ordinary than she deserved. Her choice. And somehow they both had to live with it.

Phillip shook his head and drove to his wife’s clinic instead, maybe she needed his help, he needed her. He discovered Curran Gable’s car out front though. And slammed his hands on the steering wheel.

Episode 463: Something To Believe In

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